09 / 09 / 2019

Students. Forget 9am lectures. Forget that third bowl of stale cereal. Forget freshers flu, hangovers and homesickness. We’ve got you covered with one of the best student places to eat.

How about grabbing a group of friends, loading up on spicy Jalapeno Poppers (we want to keep you on your toes during the student exam period) or our brand new Jack ‘N’ Roll, filled with BBQ jackfruit and vegan ch**se? There’s nothing quite like a treat at the end of the tunnel to give you that much-needed push to study. And our student discount codes are there to make sure you don’t break the bank in the process.

Students and pizza have been a winning combination since the dawn of time. Isn’t it time to take our relationship to the next level? Your local Hut is waiting! Nobody is going to be left out. Have friends that are vegan? Get them down to your favourite closest pizza place (us, obvs) and blow their minds with the Vegan BBQ Jack ‘N’ Cheese. One of your mates is gluten intolerant? Have no fear, we have an entire Gluten Free Menu! All of this can be yours  at awesome discounted prices. Make Pizza Hut Restaurants your go-to study hub!