Project Description

We hope you and the family enjoy our fun (Isolation) guide on the egg roll party game.

Last one to the finish line has to do the washing up!



  • Hard boiled eggs x amount of participants
  • Felt pens/decorating materials you may have
  • Spoons x amount of participants
  • 2 household objects to mark the start and finish line.


  1. Grown Ups, you are needs for this one. Hard boil your eggs ready for the activity.
  2. Each participant needs to decorate their egg…let’s get creative.
  3. Mark out a start and finish line be that indoors or outdoors. (You will need enough space for everyone to be side by side for this.)
  4. Line everyone up at the starting line, using your spoon move your egg around the race course to the finish line. Your winner will be the first person to cross the finish line with their egg completely in tack.


We’d love to see you all having fun at home, share any snaps or videos with us on social media!