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Lower Precinct wins the Platinum Plus Loo of The Year Award!

Lower Precinct wins the Platinum Plus Loo of The Year Award!

Thanks to our thorough staff and exceptional facilities, Lower Precinct has clinched the prestigious Platinum Plus level award for Loo of The Year in the Loo of the Year competition. 

This remarkable achievement highlights not only the dedication of the precinct’s management but also the commitment of its visitors to maintaining the highest standards in washroom facilities.

Since its inception in 1987, the Loo of the Year Awards has been a beacon for recognizing and rewarding outstanding washrooms across the UK and Ireland. The mission is simple yet crucial – to encourage the highest possible standards in all ‘away from home’ washrooms. This includes spaces in offices, shopping centres, public venues, and more.

Entries are accepted from various regions, covering England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. What makes this competition stand out is its inclusivity, welcoming nominations from staff, customers, visitors, managers, owners, or contractors. The extensive sixty-one entry categories span fifteen market sectors, ensuring that all types of ‘away from home’ washrooms have a chance to shine.

Lower Precinct’s victory in achieving the Platinum Plus level in the Loo of the Year Awards is not just a testament to the excellence of its facilities but a reflection of the community’s collective commitment to maintaining top-notch washrooms.