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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: What we do in the present will affect the generations to come. Here at Lower Precinct Shopping Centre we see compliance as an opportunity to innovate and we work hard to implement solid procedures to help us manage our waste and to reduce our carbon footprint.

What changes have we made?

Prior to mid-2011 all waste, other than card and plastic was compacted and sent for incineration. Since then we have significantly reduced the volume of incinerated waste by implementing procedures to separate dry recyclable waste and general waste on site. This has led to an almost trebling of the percentage of recycled waste in the following year.

How do our stores get involved?

• Sustainability is a joint effort and we are supported by our retailers.

• Retailers are encouraged to separate waste before placing into relevant bins. All bins are checked before being emptied to identify any recycling materials

• We encourage retailers to send polythene waste and coat hangers back to Head Office to be reused

• Retailers are encouraged to reuse cardboard boxes

• Each store has been provided with a paper recycling carton to recycle paper

• Aerosol and light bulb recycling are also available

We’re not done just yet!

Whilst we have implemented a robust system to manage our waste and carry out regular audits to ensure that we continue to achieve good results, we are always looking at ways to further improve our procedures. We are also working to develop new recycling initiatives to address areas such as batteries and food waste!

At Lower Precinct Shopping Centre we are committed to reducing the level of waste generated on site.  The results so far show that our recycling project has had a significant impact on the environment and the local community. Working with the staff, our waste management company and retailers we have achieved fantastic results which are testament to the commitment, dedication and hard work of those involved.

Let's Talk Sustainability

We are taking a look at how we’re doing in terms of sustainability at Lower Precinct.

As a Lower Precinct customer, we’d love to hear how you strive to be more eco-friendly into your life, and what you would like to see from us, your local shopping centre.

Can we please ask you to take two minutes to share your thoughts with us? The more you tell us, the better we can do!